Ideal for renovations, the Quartz system is compatible with any rectangular pool. 

Robust and flexible, it offers excellent value for money. Its above-ground installation requires no work in the pool and does not reduce swimming space. Located in the stainless steel axle, the engine offers optimal performance while remaining silent. 

Used in combination with Covrex® slats, Top Quartz provides the best in terms of safety and energy savings, whether with Covrex® Solar and its exceptional heating properties, or with Covrex® Classic, which offers the best insulation coefficient on the market.

Like all Covrex® drive systems, Top Quartz is manufactured in Belgium using the best quality of stainless steel.

Technical features

  • Made of 316L stainless steel
    Maximum service life
  • Flexible installation
    Fits all pools
  • Attached on edges
    No activity in the pool
  • Maximum swimming space
    The system does not take up any space in the pool
  • Axial motor
    Easy maintenance
  • Compatible with all pools
    Up to 25 m in length
  • Stairs included
    The Covrex® cover fits to the shape of the pool, including stairs

Even more features

  • Simplicity
    Top Quartz is defined by its visual simplicity and structural solidity. It is easy to use and install.
  • Budget friendly
    Made entirely of stainless steel, Top Quartz is our most affordable system in this product range.
  • Swimming space
    The Quartz system is installed outside the pool, and does not take up any space in the pool.

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