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  • what the purposes of collecting this data are (purposes)
  • Whether this information is mandatory or optional for the management of your request
  • who will read it (Normally only Covrex SPRL and its employees, except in the event of a transmission to an external party is necessary for the management of your request)

The personal data collected as part of the services offered on covrex.com are processed according to secure protocols and allow us to manage the received requests.

For information or exercise of your rights under the European Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), please contact their data protection officer (DPO) through marketing@lpw.be.

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What is a "cookie"?

A "cookie" is a file of limited size, usually consisting of letters and numbers. This is sent by the internet server to the cookie file of the browser that is on the hard drive of your computer.

3 types of cookies are placed on covrex.com:

Necessary internal cookies

With these cookies the site can work accordingly. You can reject them and delete it using your browser settings, but your user experience may be affected.

Name of the cookiePurposeShelf life
CAKEPHP Session data Session
tarteaucitron Preserving choices regarding the consent of cookies 12 months

Analytics Cookies

Name of the CookieType
__utma First party
__utmb First party
__utmc First party
__utmt First party
__utmz First party
__ga First party
__gat First party

You can refuse cookies and the statistical analysis of your browsing data by changing your settings.

Third party cookies to improve the user experience.

The website covrex.com and lpwpools.co.uk rely on certain services offered by third party websites. These include:

  • Share buttons (twitter, facebook, pinterest, ...)
  • Videos (YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo)
  • Geographic services (Google Maps)

These features use third-party cookies that are placed directly by these services during your first visit to covrex.com. A banner informs you of the presence of these cookies and invites you to indicate your choice. The cookies are only placed if you accept them or if you continue browsing to a second page. You can always read more about this and set your cookies to accept or reject them by going to the Cookie Management page, which will appear at the bottom of every page. You can indicate your preference in general for the entire website or indicate your preference separately per page.

Data storage period

Storage life in active database and internal folder archives.

Contact/Quote form 12 months
Logs (enregistrement de l’adresse IP) 12 months