Covrex® Solar Lite

Polycarbonate solar cover

Drawing on Covrex® expertise acquired over many years in the world of solar swimming pool covers, Covrex® Solar slats, made from polycarbonate, have an ultra-strong structure and first-rate performance. All this plus a stunning design to boot!

Polycarbonate has long been known for its strength. This extremely shock-resistant polymer has a very long lifespan. 

To withstand UV rays, Covrex® Solar slats have a lined top layer. Specifically treated to resist UV rays, this lining is not extruded throughout and has an even longer lifespan.

Hail and shock-resistant

Made from polycarbonate, Covrex® Solar Lite slats are highly shock-resistant, including to hail. They are also much less sensitive to temperature differences than PVC solar slats.

Covrex® Solar Lite


Covrex® Solar Lite slats meet safety standard NFP90-308 and can be installed as a safety cover.

Covrex® Solar Lite

Energy savings

Covrex® Solar Lite covers save a significant amount of energy and require fewer chemicals and less maintenance. Thanks to these savings, the investment is quickly profitable.

Covrex® Solar Lite

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Available in three finishes

Covrex® Solar Lite Colors