Covrex® Lite

PVC Covers

The design of swimming pool covers centres around two main functions: to reduce water evaporation (and thus heat loss) and safety. 

Initially, PVC slats were favoured for being easy to produce, stable and relatively durable.

Today, despite the market having evolved greatly and offering other types of products, PVC slats still have something to offer and retain a significant market share. That's why we created Covrex® Lite, a new range of PVC slats that offers a competitive alternative to insulate and secure your swimming pool. Covrex® Lite slats come in a variety of colours to best suit your surroundings. Covrex® Lite helps you make the most of your pool at a lower cost. 


A cover is one of the best solutions to insulate your pool and avoid evaporation and heat loss.

Covrex® Lite


Five independent honeycomb pockets strengthen Covrex® Lite slats, increasing their strength, durability and safety.

Covrex® Lite


Grâce à leur charnière glissière profilée, les lames Covrex® Lite évitent la prolifération des algues.

Covrex® Lite


Covrex® Lite slats comply with French safety standards NF P90-308 for swimming pool covers. To further increase the safety of the installation, you can add safety hooks.

Covrex® Lite


Covrex® Lite slats adapt to any shape of swimming pool, including curved. They are custom-cut to match the shape of the pool as closely as possible.

Covrex® Lite

Space saving

Covrex® Lite slats are equipped with fixed end caps. There is also the option of adjustable (patented) end caps that provide greater flexibility in terms of the dimensions of the pool.

Covrex® Lite

Available in 5 Colors

Covrex® Lite Colors