Ideal for renovations, Top Silver is compatible with any new or existing pool and requires no intervention in the pool.

Composed of an aluminium axle and reel holders (your choice of colour), Top Silver does not take any space in the pool and offers excellent value for money.
Its engine is located in the aluminium axle and offers optimal performance while remaining silent. 

The Covrex® Lite cover is available different colours and comes with fixed end caps, anti-lift buckles and straps to attach slats to the axle.

Technical features

  • Anodised aluminium axle
    167 mm in diameter
  • Electric axial motor
    with electronic end stop, easy to maintain
  • Electrical cabinet
    with dry contact for salt electrolysis
  • Flexible installation
    Fits all pools
  • Attached to coping
    No intervention needed in the pool
  • Slatted PVC cover
    83 mm wide slats, your choice of colour
  • Maximum swimming space
    the system does not take up any space in the pool
  • Compatible with all
    submerged or above-ground pools up to 9 m
  • Staircase included
    The cover fits to the shape of the pool, including stairs

Even more features

  • Economical 
    Compact and sleek design for unbeatable value for money.
  • Easy
    As an above-ground system, the Top Silver is easily accessible for any intervention.
  • Flexible
    The Top Silver can be installed on any rectangular pool and provides maximum swimming space.


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