Choose for security, insulation and quality for your pool cover

Our Covrex® automatic pool covers are the result of more than 40 years of experience. This experience led us to develop a new technology of pool covers driven by objective security and quality.

Meet our Covrex® Classic and Covrex® Solar, each with its own specifications and advantages.

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Covrex® makes your life easier

Our Covrex® Covers will perfectly fit your new constructions or existing pools. Covrex® helps reducing the necessary energy to keep a warm pool.

The advantages Covrex®

  • Enhanced safety around the swimming pool

    Once closed, the strength of the cover prevents accidents. You can rest easy while the your children play in the garden.

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  • Energy saving

    The Covrex® Classic pool covers keep the heat in the pool thanks to their exceptionnal insulation. The Covrex® Solar benefits from a large heating surface.

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  • Ease to Use

    The Covrex® pool covers are operated by a single button and need little maintenance thanks to their design. Moreover, they benefit from a beautiful guarantee.

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  • Compatible with all kinds of pools

    With many different drive systems to choose from the Covrex® covers are compatible with any kind of pools : liner pools, tiled, concrete, one piece pools, …

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The Covrex® pool covers are produced in Belgium for more than 10 years now. It's all to your advantage!

With our versatile,  experienced and motivated team, Covrex® produces and sells high-end pool covers for newly built and existing pools for more than 10 years. This Belgian product had conquerred the local market immediately, but it's notoriety has spread beyond our borders.

The Covrex® pool covers are distributed in more than 30 countries on all continents.

In 2016, 70% of the production was intended for export. This makes Covrex® a worldwide known product. Even in Dubai on the roof of a skyscraper you can find a pool equipped with a Covrex® pool cover!

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