The Covrex® Classic Pool Cover

The first automatic Covrex® Classic pool cover was designed in 2003 by our engineers, after they learnt that no existing pool cover could meet all of the end customer's requirements. They wanted a pool cover that is safe, insulates and has a long life expectancy.

Customers reported  the recurring problem of hollow slats that got damaged by hail, storm and other extreme weather circumstances. Therefore our team decided to develop a foam filled slat that is more resistant and has a long life span.

Covrex® Classic was an instant success. The growing demand soon reached the borders of our country and conquerred the whole of Europe. In 2006 a new version of the slats was launched: these slats are even stronger, have a better insulating capacity and have a smoother surface to make maintenance easier. It's this version that is currently on the market.

Safety around your pool? Our main objective

One of the main objectives of Covrex® is to offer you the maximum safety for your pool. This is why we developed our products based on the strictest norms relative to pool covers. We go even further, our Covrex® Classic is up to 7x stronger than what is asked, to offer you maximum security.

I vote for safety!

Kid on Covrex® Classic

Maximum insulation for your pool!

Our foam filled slats Covrex® Classic guarantee maximum insulation for your pool. They offer the best insulation coefficient over the whole lifespan of the cover. Our Covrex® Classic slats will make you enjoy your pool for longer periods and will reduce the loss of heat during the cooler days and nights.

Energetic performances

Covrex® Classic Insulation

Which colour for my cover?

Adapt your cover to your own environment and envies. Our Covrex® Classic slats are available in 4 colours: cream white, arctic blue, silex grey and the very fashionable steel grey. You can always come and see the 4 colors in our showroom, or ask for the nearest distributor in your country.

Choose my colour

  • Cream White
  • Silex Grey
  • Arctic Blue
  • Steel Grey

Anti-algae cover, easy maintenance

Thanks to its unique flexible joint, our Covrex® Classic slats guarantee you an easy washing and maintenance. Just go over the cover with a high pressure water jet.

Covrex® anti-algae?

Heavy storm and hail resistant cover

Our Classic cover can resist against any type of weather and temperatures. On the contrary of traditional hollow slats, usually damaged by hail, extreme temperatures or heavy storm, our Covrex® Classic covers are totally resistant to these meteorological conditions, and are guaranteed to protect against them.

Afraid of hail? Never again!

Faultless aesthetics

Covrex® is the only company which can offer you foam filled slats. This advantage can be taken to the maximum if your pool has curves. Your installer can perfectly cut the slats into desired shape on site to make sure that your Covrex® Classic perfectly fits the shape of your pool for a faultless aesthetic.

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The space-saving pool cover

Is the loss of swimming space one of your greatest fears when you install a cover? Don't worry! Covrex® has you covered! Thanks to its unique high quality conception, the Covrex® Classic cover has the smallest rolled up diameter on the market! You can win up to 50% swimming space compared to a traditional cover.

Win swimming space!


Due to the fact that we are so confident about the quality of our Covrex® Classic cover, we are happy to offer you a full 5 years of warranty on the cover, including hail warranty.

Win 5 years of warranty

Technical characteristics

Discover all the technical characteristics and specifications of the Covrex® Classic slats.

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