Pool Bottom Bench (CSY011)


In this case the pool cover is installed on the bottom of the pool. The cover is hidden by an underwater housing. This system is ideal for existing pools because it doesn't need a cover pit. The swimming surface remains unchanged.

The housing is made in fibreglass and is available in 3 standard colours (light blue, white and light grey), but on demand, it can be produced any RAL colour. This means you could order your housing in the colour of your pool to match with the surroundings.

Pool Bottom Hinged Lid (CSY012)


This pool bottom system is a perfect aesthetic solution for overflow or mirror pools. It hides the cover under a lid that can be opened for maintenance. The system offers 2 possibilities: it can either be used as a 'beach' to rest on, or it can be installed under the bottom of the pool, the lid being at the same level as the pool floor. The cover disappears through a small opening (generally 50mm) at the back wall.

Covrex® Pool Protection recommends the beach version: the lid offers a lounge area in your pool where you can rest and children can play. The cleaning of this cover pit is much easier than when installed under the pool bottom because the cover is much more accessible.

This drive system is available in 2 finishes : stainless steel lids or PVC lids. The former can remain visible, the latter is usually tiled or covered with liner.

Pool Wall Cave (CSY013)


An excellent solution for new mirror pools (or partial overflow pools) : the cover is hidden in a cave behind custom made panels. Here too, the front panels to close the cave are available in PVC, but also in stainless steel if they need to remain visible.