The Under Flow system consists of an axle and wall fastenings. It is easy to install in all situations and positions, while remaining economical and without perforating the wall. It also works for very long pools. The Under Flow can also be installed without having to drill any walls thanks to the optional wall brackets.

Used in combination with Covrex® slats, the Under Flow provides the best in terms of safety and energy savings, whether with Covrex® Solar and its exceptional heating properties, or with Covrex® Classic, which offers the best insulation coefficient on the market.

Located in the stainless steel axle, the engine offers optimal performance  while remaining silent. 

Like all Covrex® drive systems, the Under Flow is made in Belgium using the best quality of stainless steel.

Technical features

  • Made of 316L stainless steel
    Maximum service life
  • Flexible installation
    Fits all pools and set-ups
  • Wall fixing
    With or without wall drilling (optional wall brackets) 
  • Maximum swimming space
    The system is installed at the bottom of the pool
  • Submerged
    and easy-to-maintain motor
  • Invisible system
    fully submerged under the water level
  • Compatible with all pools
    No length limit
  • Stairs included
    The Covrex® cover fits to the shape of the pool, including stairs

Even more features

  • Simple and economical
    Made of only a few elements, the Under Flow is easy to install and offers excellent value for money.
  • Swimming space
    Under flow is installed under water with a minimum loss of swimming space.
  • Flexibility
    The Under Flow is compatible with almost all rectangular new or existing pools.

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