Standard Top Mount (CSY001)


This is the perfect system for pool renovations. It consists of 2 supports and a roller, placed over the pool and it is very easy to install.

It's quality-price ratio is excellent. Furthermore it doesn't intrude on the swimmable surface because the system is installed out of the water. 

This drive system CSY001 is not compatible with the Covrex® Solar slats.


Top Mount for Casing (CSY002 and CSY003)


This model has the advantage of having a casing around the technical part, which can also be used as a bench or lounger. The Covrex® casing is a composite material called Relazzo (wood look), or you can choose another type of wood to match the surroundings of your pool.

As well as the standard top mount system, this system can be installed on existing pools or on pools under construction.