Overflow skimmer (CSY008)

This type of drive system is the ideal solution for newly built pools but also for a renovation. The stainless steel structure is fitted with a skimmer tray to skim along the whole width of the pool and have a high water line almost up to the coping stones. This gives your pool a magnificent look. It also has the advantage that there's no need for traditional skimmers, which can sometimes be noisy and unsightly.

Thanks to the technique of underflow, this system has 2 main advantages over many other drive systems :

  • It removes impurities from almost the entire width of the water surface in contrast to traditional skimmers that clean the water surface in a limited zone. The maintenance of your pool is made easier.
  • The water level is set very high to give the pool a magnificent look.

This system is an exclusivity of Covrex® Pool Protection. It's delivered preassembled  allowing the installation time to be kept to a minimum. The pool builder will hang it in the pool and fix it under the coping stones, then he'll connect it to the filter unit.

Standard Underwater Mount (CSY005 and CSY006)


The pool cover is installed in the water under a terrace. This type of installation is the ideal solution for renovations or for new liner pools because the system is fixed under the coping stones and therefore doesn't need any special requirements. The motor cable is invisibly guided upwards along the pool wall.

This drive system is the most sold system on the pool cover market. Its advantages make it the preferred choice for many pools : 

  • No liner perforation, the water tightness of the pool is guaranteed.
  • The loss of swimming surface is kept to a minimum. The Covrex® Classic has the smallest winding diameter on the market : 50cm for a 12m long pool.
  • Because there's no big beam over the cover pit the drive system allows the water level to be set very high, almost to the nose of the coping stones.