The Level Delta system works with almost all pools, new or existing, including with larger sizes up to 24 m. The Level Delta is flexible, allowing you to choose the number of triangles needed depending on the length of the pool and the choice of coping stones.

Used in combination with Covrex® slats, the Level Delta provides the best in terms of safety and energy savings, whether with Covrex® Solar and its exceptional heating properties, or with Covrex® Classic, which offers the best insulation coefficient on the market.

Located in the stainless steel axle, the engine offers optimal performance  while remaining silent.
The tiles are customisable to fit well with your pool.

Like all Covrex® drive systems, the Level Delta is made in Belgium using the best quality of stainless steel.

Technical features

  • Made of 316L stainless steel
    Maximum service life
  • Flexible installation
    Fits all pools and all pre-existing elements
  • Submerged
    and easy-to-maintain motor
  • Invisible system
    fully submerged under the water level
  • Compatible with all pools
    Up to 24 m in length
  • Stairs included
    The Covrex® cover fits to the shape of the pool, including stairs

Even more features

  • Solidity
    The Level Delta is extremely solid and allows any coping to be installed, whatever the size and weight.
  • Flexibility
    The Level Delta fits perfectly to every pool by adjusting the number of triangles used. 
  • Water length
    The Level Delta can cover very long pools up to 24 m!

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